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Night of the Monsters
By Indy Guy
I always considered myself to be a thrill seeker. Nothing seemed to scare me. from bungee jumping to swimming with sharks, to parachuting; all of what they call extreme sports.  Still, nothing can compare to the night of terror that Im about to tell you of now.
There was a time in my life that I volunteered to clean up our church every Sunday night after services. The church itself was modern, newly built in 1990.  It was built out in the country nestled back in woods which surrounded the building on three sides of its sparkling white brick exterior. The church boasted a glass enclosed entryway. The glass was clear, crystalline in appearance, about 3 to 4 inches thick. All parishioners that entered felt bathed in the glow from the Sunday mid-morning sun. This entryway then opens into the main hallway that led to the ministers office, the Sunday schoolrooms, and the library that smelled like the many leather bound new books held within neat rows of shelves.
I enjoyed the peaceful solitude after Sunday night services when everyone had gone home.  That is why I had volunteered for this job.  It was my time to contemplate the busy week ahead and the many blessings of the week that had gone before.  I always felt safe and comfortable here, alone with my own thoughts and memories of the Church services that evening.
I had just finished cleaning the sanctuary and had started to fill the mop bucket when movement caught my eye. I looked at the reflection in the ministers window and I spun around to see the most frightening thing I had ever seen. It was on all fours, lumbering up to the doors. It looked inside..right at me!
I couldnt believe my eyes!  This beast was covered in light brown hair at the head, but farther down, the hair gradually turned much darker.  Its face looked very  human but the nose and lips were totally different.  The thing I remember the most to this day was its teeth! Huge canine teeth, blood red gums, and it was actually drooling!
It seemed to be sniffing the air around the door. Thats when it stood straight up!  It was at least 8, possibly 9 foot tall!  The beast rattled the door trying to get in.  It couldnt seem to shake the door open, so it became frustrated and punched the glass doors. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. I did the only thing I could; I ran into the sanctuary and locked the huge wooden doors.  I sat down in one of the pews trying to catch my breath and think of what to do next.  My mind raced.  Why was it trying to get in?  What did it want with me?
I sat frozen to my seat, unable to move or form a plan of defense.  The sounds of shattering glass pierced the quietness inside the sanctuary.  Then I heard the beast let out a blood-chilling scream.  I sat as quietly as I could.  My heart sounded like a bass drum pounding.
I dared not move when I heard the monster out side the sanctuary breathing heavily and growling menacingly. Then!  The doors of the sanctuary creaked. The beast was trying to get in at me!
I somehow found the ability to move for the first time!   All of this was so incredible, so unbelievable!  This was modern times where there werent supposed to be unknown monsters lurking outside in the woods!  I ran down the aisle towards the library, sobs of terror emitting from my mouth, and somehow I managed to lock the door.   It was a good heavy door and I hoped it would keep this horrible looking creature from busting in.  It grew very quiet then.  I eased over to the window and looked out.  I suddenly wished I had not.  I couldnt believe it, as there I saw five more creatures coming toward the church.  They were screaming and howling to one another.
Just then the doors to the sanctuary exploded!  If they broke through those doors, it was a matter of time before I burst through the library doors, right on top of me!   There were now three beasts instead of one. I ran through the library to the other door that leads back out into the hallway. I slowly opened the door and looked down the hallway.   Nothing in sight yet!
Gathering my wits, I chanced it and ran as hard as I could to the back door of the church, away from the intruding creatures! I opened the back door slightly just in time to see a creature coming at me. I slammed it shut and locked the door.  No where to go now except for the ministers office, so I ran back down the hall and entered, again locking the door behind me.  My breath was coming in short rasps!  The PHONE!  There was a telephone in here!  I jerked up the phone and called 911. The police were at least 20 minutes away and I was running out of options. I hoped they would make record time this night coming to my rescue!
I could hear the creatures outside, screaming, howling, coming towards me!  Their footsteps thundered through the halls making the windows rattle.  It felt like the whole church was shaking with every footstep the monsters took. I glanced around my last stronghold, which was located in the far right hand corner of the building.  My situation looked hopeless!  Windows lined the outside corners of the office, which in the daytime flooded sunlight on the desk where our Pastor worked, planning his sermons, counseling with church members.
Frantically, I looked around for a weapon. There!   A pair of scissors!  I grabbed them just as one of the beast put his hand through the window, very near where I was standing, and grabbed me.  I was so terrified at this point I could not utter a sound but somehow, I sank the scissors into its huge, hairy forearm. It let out a gut wrenching scream of pain!   Blood from its wound squirted on my clean white shirt.  It jerked its arm back, obviously more cautious now.
That bought me enough time, a fleeting instant, to get to the other wall of windows, but the one farthest away from the creature wouldnt budge!  I looked over my shoulder and the creature I had stabbed with the scissors had not appeared again!  I grabbed the ministers chair and launched it through the window.  Looking out there were NO creatures in sight!  I couldnt believe my good fortune!
Moments later, I jumped out the window, 10 feet down. When I hit the ground, my ankle snapped.  I put my hand over my mouth, as I was writhing in pain.  My adrenaline rushing, I crawled to my car.  Reaching up and opening the drivers side door, I pulled myself into the car as I was searching in my pockets for the keys, my eyes searching for the creatures.  I could only conclude they were still inside looking for me to tear me from limb to limb!
When at last I felt my car keys, I pulled them out.  I was shaking so violently that I couldn't get the key into the ignition.  For a moment, I stopped struggling and took a deep breath to calm myself and that seemed to help.  I again put the key into the ignition and turned it and nothing happened!  This was no time for my engine to fail turning over!  My life depended on my car!  My family was waiting back home for me, and I wondered what they would think when the cops found me pulled to pieces beside my car!  Anger at my situation surged through me and I forgot the searing pain in my broken ankle.
In frustration I slammed my fist down on the dashboard which caused the glove box to pop open and there lies my only chance of survival!  I knew God was showing me a way of escape!   My S&W 44 magnum lay just inside the glove box.   The gun was loaded and I had three speed loaders.  I had 18 rounds in all. My occupation demanded that I go armed, but in my terror I had entirely forgotten about it being in there.
At that same instant the creatures came around the corner of the building, charging towards me!  I opened the car door and fired at the one in front.  They were no longer on all fours, but running upright!  They were huge in my estimation!  Giant hairy men with red flaming eyes that looked like demons from hell!
Luck was with me and the hours of target practice were finally paid off!  I hit the creature in the leg and it fell, but only for an instant!  It was right back up and my jaw dropped.   A 44 magnum didnt stop it!  I continued to shoot at the oncoming monsters.   Every time I fired the creatures would retreat a few steps, but I was running out of bullets, only three left!  I honked my horn furiously!  It seemed to startle them back a few steps.
This called for new strategy on my part!  I figured next, that if I take out the biggest one the rest will leave.  I pumped three shots in to the big ones head and it dropped!  I was instantly relieved and I expected to see the other monsters leaving. Wrong!
Two of the monsters picked the big one up and carried it off. The rest of the monsters came at me hard and fast.  I locked the car doors and thought to myself that I should have saved one bullet for myself.
The roar of the creatures fury is deafening.  The cars back glass shatters! The roof starts to cave in!  I try the engine one more time. Suddenly, the engine roars to life! I start honking the horn and driving in circles. In the distance I can see red and blues coming toward me. One of the beasts jumps up on the hood of the car and punches through the windshield trying to grab me. It is screaming like a maniac in its fury to reach me.  It grabs the steering wheel and we hit a tree in the churchyard.  The beast flies forward into the tree.  I hear a heavy thud, then silence!
The sirens are right on top of me now!  One of the bigger beasts lets out a scream and the rest of the monsters retreat into the woods.  Everything spins, then grows dark.  I pass out.  I awoke in the hospital with the sheriff looking down at me. I smiled at him and said,  "What took you so long?" and I pass out again.
There was no report ever made about the beast. The damage to the church was written up as vandalism. But now here I am on my deathbed. I start to feel my life slowly drain from my body.  My son has recorded my story and I am ready to go.  My last thoughts I had just before I took my last breath were I never got the chance to tell what really happened that night at the church until now.  There was no way I can warn everyone about these creatures and what they can do. They will just have to find out for themselves and hope their life won't end like mine did that awful night.
I smile at my son, and see his sad face, but at least he will know.  He cleans the church now after Sunday night services.  I whisper to him to be careful

copyright ©2001

Nite of the Monsters II

by Indy guy 8/18/2003

Here I was supposed to be on a vacation and I landed in the middle of a nightmare.

I joined a friend of mine in a little jaunt up north in his Sesna plane to have a weekend of hunting and fishing. We were over a vast wooded area when our plane started having engine trouble. The oil pressure started to drop power to the hydraulics was failing them and engine stopped. Franticly trying to restart the engine Scott was using all his strength to keep the plane aloft by using it as a glider. We started losing altitude Scott yelled " hang on to your ass its going to get real rough real quick!" Our plane started to clip the top of the trees and the more we hit the trees the more we got tossed around the airplane. I ended up hitting my head and blacking out.

I awoke some time later to see that Scott was next to me with a sheared off tree limb thru his throat. I tried to use the radio, but there was no power to it. I started to panic and thrash around the cockpit, trying to unlatch my seat belt. There wasnt anything I could do for Scott he had been dead for at least two or three hours. I began to search thru the wreckage to find the first aid kit to treat my wounds from the crash. I found hunting rifles and equipment. After taking inventory I had to do something for Scott. I looked around the crash site, and found a part of the propeller. I dug a grave to place my friend in and marked it. When I find help they can come and collect his remains.

After gathering the rifles and ammo and other necessities I left out from the crash site. Walking thru the rough and unforgiving terrain I could feel like I was being watched. I kept hiking until dusk than set up a camp for the night. All that night strange noises were all around me. Twigs snapping, knocking sounds and strange howls. I got up the next morning and set out again. Trying to block out the pain of my ribs that I knew pretty well was fractured and the pain of losing my best friend was taking all the concentration I have. I kept on moving until dusk. I set up camp again and shot a rabbit for my food for the night. I had crafted tent out of a tarp and tree branches and sometime during the night something came into the camp. I herd noises out side of the shelter I built. A grunting and a huffing sound I figured it was a bear so I loaded a round into the riffle. When I let the slide click on the gun it must of scared what ever it was off. The next morning I come out of the shelter and found what appeared to be footprints outside next to where I had eaten the rabbit. The footprints looked like human, but they are a lot larger. I figured that it was some ole hillbilly that came to see what I was doing out there. I packed up and head out again. I walked a couple more miles till I saw a couple houses and I headed down towards them. The first house I came upon I knocked and knocked, but no answer. I walked on down about a half a mile to the next house and knocked and as I knocked the door opens up. I lean my head inside and yell "hello!" But, there is no answer. I proceed to walk in and head straight into the kitchen. There on the table was a set of dishes with what was once food on them. This isnt right I said to myself. I looked around the house and find some clothes to change into. While I searched through the house I found a box of shot gun shells and a Remington 870. I took it with me and moved on out. Walking further I pass a church that appeared to be abandoned. I can see a town off in the distance and I decide to camp in the church for the night. I search thru the chapel and the church to see what I can find. I come across the church offering record and the last date that was recorded is listed at 4 months ago. This is very strange, a fairly new church sitting empty and not to mention the two houses. Things were pretty quiet that night.

The sun rises and shines thru the window waking me up. I decide to head toward the town. As I was walking I could see things move out of the corner of my eye. And the god-awful smell!!!! I t was so pungent it almost made me sick. I started to get very scared so I quicken my pace. All the while there is movement all around me. All of the sudden a rock comes hurling out of nowhere. CRASH!!!!! Thru trees and weeds. The rock was really like a small boulder. It had to weigh fifty pounds. No man could of throw it with the force it hit the ground with I began to run, but I was being impeded buy all the weapons and equipment on my back. I came to into a clearing and there stood this thing. It stood at least nine feet tall covered in long reddish orange hair. Behind it stood three more of the creatures. Eyes glowing a yellowish color some were glowing red. As I stood there the things started sniffing the air and let out a roar as the creature on the right started coming toward me!

I backed away and almost fall over a tree root as it started coming faster at me! I reached behind me and grabbed the riffle and blast the thing in the gut. It tumbles backward and hits the ground. The other creatures started beating their chest and screaming. I took a chance and ran like hell. I ran for what seemed like hours. I stop to rest a minute as I can see the town a few hundred yards from me. In the distance I hear the screams of these beast and they are getting closer. I ran into the police station and it was abandoned. I look around for the telephone and see it hanging off the hook on the desk. There appears to be alot of bloodstains on the desk and floor. Also alot of spent shot gun shells and 9 mm shells. Something horrifying has taken place here and I think I met who it was in the woods. I decide to go down the street to the small store that was there. I go in and take all the canned goods I could and took them back to the police station. I figured that locking myself in one of the cells at the station was the safest place I could be. All night long I hear the screams out in the distance. All the time trying to think how can I get out of this mess?

The next morning when I awoke I decide to search the town. I go from house to house searching for anything that I can use. I enter this one house and start to search. As Im rummaging thru the house I hear a noise in the basement. I load the shotgun with deer slugs and slowly make my way down the basement steps. The smell of garbage, urine and feces filled the air. I jack a shell into the chamber and get ready to fire at the first thing that moved. Slowly I move around the small confines of the basement. Carefully checking around the corners. Just then a noise startles me I spin around and with the gun up and I come face to face with this gaudy, malnourished teenage boy. I lower the gun and ask him "How long you have been down here?" A week feeble voice said "Two months." "Come on" I said "Lets get you out of here." He retreats back to the corner and starts to weep, "not out there, not where they are ". I assured him that everything would be all right if he came with me. Reluctantly he agrees and follows me out I walk with him to where his room was so that he could get some clothes and clean himself up a bit. He was pretty ripe after being in that basement for the last two months. After he had cleaned up a little bit we go out the front door and go in the garage. There laid the decayed remains of what I would guess was his parents. The bodies were torn apart, one of the bodies head was missing which later I found in the pile of grease rags. I look at the vehicle that was parked in the garage. It was demolished, dried blood all over the hood and windshield. These things must be smart to disable the vehicles. How do they know? I have no clue. I took the boy back to the police station and fed him and start to ask questions "what is your name? And do you know how this happened?"

After he had ate like there was no tomorrow, "My names kenny " and I introduced myself and how iI came to be there. He started to relate the story to me. He recanted "It all happened about six months ago " A man died after having an encounter with these things at the church just outside of town and his son formed a hunting party to hunt these things down for causing his fathers death. The hunters killed several of these things and burned their bodies at the town hall. After that, some of the town people had started to disappear. The ones that had gone missing in the beginning were thought to just up and leave after the bodies were burned. Then that mans son was found dead, Apparently a suicide. There was claw marks and things destroyed and his body was torn apart. The reason I know it was a suicide was that he still had his pistol in his hand and the top of his skull was blown off. Things were quiet till the last couple of months. One night there were screams and gunshots all over town. My parents and I ran outside to see around 30 of these creatures killing the people. I saw one creature grab Mr. Johnson by the neck and rip his head from his body and blood sprayed in the air like a fountian. His wife had her throat ripped and eaten by one of them. All around you could only see these things ripping people apart and actually start eating the people of the town. My parents grab me and run me back in the house and put me down in the basement. Then I can hear my parents running in the house screaming, then the door close and then the only noise I could hear are these things roaring and screaming. I manage to survive on the food my parents had canned from our garden over the years. I thought they had come back when I heard you up stairs. I thought I was going to die by one of these things, but thank god it was you.

We slept in shifts that night 4 hours each . The next morn we awoke as the sun was breaking thru the windows . It was so warm and nice that we forgot all about the trouble we were in for a few minutes. "Lets get started and see what we can find". I hand him the shot gun and asked him if he knew how to use it. "No" he said. So I give him the short lesson on how to use the shot gun. As we leave the police station there was a ominous feel in the air . Bad mojo as Icall it . We go on down main street and enter a couple houses rummaging around to see if there was anything we could use. We found a c.b radio but there was no power to use it so that was a mute point. We move along the row of houses and come to the last house on the street. While I was going thru the kitchen , Kenny came out of the bed room very excited."Look at this"! It was a cell phone . I take it from him and search around for the phone book to find the next counties law enforcement. I dial the number and it rings thru the static of a losing signal. Finaly another voice on the line . "Parish county sherrifs dept". I said "theres been a terrible accident here in Washburg"" The local athourities communications are down and we need help and back up !" The cell phone goes dead. "Shit"! I hope they get her soon." At that moment a sickening smell hits both me and Kenny. As we turn we see a creature comming at us ! "Run "! I screamed as I started to put shot after shot into this thing. Kenny makes it out the door and screams and lets go of a shot gun blast point blank to a creatures head. there was nothing but a fine mist and chunks of skull flying thru the air. While i was re loading . Kenny turns and points the shot gun at me I drop to the ground as the blast hits another creature. I jump up and start to finish reloading as we run back toward the police station. We run into the hardware store there we got ahold of some machettes and some knives . As we came out of the building there were more of these things comming out of the woods. Running and firing , we make it back to the station and lock ourselves back in the last cell away from the windows. " This it this is our last stand and I feel like Custard", "but theres one big difference " I m not gonna die "!!! I handed Kenny the shells and told him to reload the weapons . The first creature comes thru the door. BLAM!!! droped it with a head shot. in the front window of the police station a mail box come smashing through it. As more of these creatures came piling through the shattered window. There must have been 15 to 20 of these creatures inside the police station at this moment. It seemed the more of these creatures that we killed the more took their place. Kenny and I were firing our weapons nonstop and were starting to run low on ammunition. The blood of these creatures that we have killed is now starting to flood the floor in the next to cells. These things were relentless in trying to tear us apart, trying to reach through the cell door and grab what ever apart of us they could get their claws upon. Kenny grab a machete and takes a swing at this things arm. And sever its forearm from its body, as blood squirted all over Kenny's face and chest. The nerve endings in the creatures form was still twitching, as if it were still trying to grab Kenny. I myself am now down to half-dozen bullets, and it is not working well for our situation. As we fire the last of the remaining ammunition, we resort to trying to fend off these creatures with the and machetes. Each time one of these creatures would stick their arm inside to get at us, it would pull back a bloody stub. All the while more and more of these creatures were coming inside and the police station. Kenny turns to look at me and is in tears" we are going to die aren't we" ?"Well it sure as Shit doesn't look good for us does it"? I said. Myself and Kenny were growing very fatigued from fighting these creatures. Just when I had abandoned all hope of survival, outside the police station we hear machine-gun fire and voices of people yelling. It seems now that the creatures that were so intent on killing us were now running out police station. Kenny and I looked at each other with the biggest smiles that anyone could possibly have on their face. Outside the machinegun fire started to subside. We heard voices coming toward the police station. I started yelling" we are in here, help us !" As we wait is that the jail cell waiting for someone to come get us out. Kenny turns around and hug me sobbing. Finaly a soldier from a national guard unit came inside and open the cell door to let us out. As we stood there shaking hands with the soldier, a creature started to crawl is way toward us. Seeing this, Kenny grab the soldiers sidearm and walked up to the creature injected a shell into the gun and put the gun up between this creatures eyes. " This is for my mother and father"! as he squeezed the trigger, blowing it the back of this creatures skull across the room.

After being checked out by the paramedics and given food an water, I then lead a small group soldiers to the crash site where I had buried my friend. After retrieving his body, Kenny and I noticed that the soldiers were going house to house wiring each one with explosives. Also Kenny and I witnessed all the-creatures that were killed in the battle were being loaded on a army truck. I tell one of the soldiers that I left some personal belongings inside the jail cell where we were, and if they had a bag that I could put my belongings and. They give me a bag. Kenny and I walk back inside the jail cell and pick up our guns and of food we had left. Also there was one of the forearms of one these creatures. Kenny looks at me and I look at him and smile. As we all are leaving the area, we turn around a to look out the back window and saw just-in-time and get to see the entire town explode.

hit It has been three months since our ordeal. I have started legal process that will allow me to officially adopt Kenny. The military has given me a gag order never to tell anyone about what happened in this town or to write at all about the horror of that week. As Kenny and I return home from a cemetery from where Scott is buried, we turn the TV on and on local news a reporter is interviewing people on the street about the belief that Bigfoot or creatures like him if they exist? at that point Kenny and I looked at each other the look over on the mantle to where the stuffed arm of one of these creatures now sets. Officially our stand on these creatures is they do not exist. Or do they?